December 15, 2005: release 0.4.3
long time no see :) ... well, just began porting allbib to Gtk2-perl. I will try to improve the gtk-perl version for as long as gtk-perl will be supported by Debian. The Gtk2-perl version seems to work if you have Gtk2::Deprecated installed ... I have not done much testing yet.

August 26, 2002: release 0.4.2
rewrote most of the code, cut out about 2000 lines, but no dramatic change in the way it works (I hope).

March 17, 2002: release 0.4.1
added regexp search, save deleted records, save selected records as a different file, output bibitem-s, some bugs eliminated, some new bugs added :)

February 25, 2002: release 0.4: first public release
reads, writes, can delete records, change entry type for a record.